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About Bos Insurance Agency

Bos Insurance Agency is the brightest independent insurance agency in Quincy, Massachusetts. We provide the best consulting service to our customer form the before and after. We get to know our clients based on the details the clients are willing to share so then they can offer target insurance coverage that fit customers’ specific needs.

The owner of Bos Insurance Agency graduated from Northeastern University and majored in Communication Study; she has had prior experience in the insurance industry for over seven years. She had excellent experience with the top insurance companies in Massachusetts. Due to the diversity of our company, our customer services representative will able to help customers in multi languages, which included: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese.

Mission Statement

“Treat others better than you would treat yourself”

As a service agent, Bos Insurance Agency wants to be known as the agency of choice, with a vast selection of products designed to meet every need, delivered by trained professionals, selling only need-based products, in a technologically savvy environment. As an independent insurance agency, Bos Insurance Agency wants to help their customers in the most convenient way; by consulting the customer the best insurance package with the best service. Bos Insurance

Agency will help customer handle their need through the phone, email or mobile apps; so customers can pass their insurances to Bos Insurance Agency and have them handle it.